PureVitaMD All-in-One Multivitamins

All Natutal Vegan Gluten-Free Vitamins

You’re convinced and ready to try PureVitaMD™. But where do you get it?

Right now, PureVitaMD™ products are only available through practitioners. We encourage you to ask your practitioner or natural health provider to start carrying PureVitaMD™ multivitamins.

Download this Product Education Sheet to share with your physician in person, or email the PDF directly to your clinic. Health care providers listen when they realize a product is truly science-based and doctor-formulated. Here are some conversation starters:

  • I want to take a multivitamin, but I’ve learned that few products on the market contain high quality digestible ingredients
  • My stomach gets upset with most “multis”, and this looks like one that would work well for me
  • PureVitaMD™ is physician-formulated—they took 6 years to formulate and find the most qualified manufacturer to work with their pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Would you be willing to order the sample for me?

You might want to mention that PureVitaMD™ is formulated with these healthy aging goals in mind:

  • Immune health and cellular wellness*
  • Cardio and metabolic health*
  • Hormonal balance*
  • Optimal energy and vitality*
  • Healthy bone density*
  • Hair, skin, and eye health*

If your primary health care provider is a Naturopath or Integrative Care provider, let them know PureVitaMD™ is fully transparent and provides dosage data on all ingredients. There are no proprietary blends—even with our botanical ingredients.

PureVitaMD™ Stands Alone

  • Physician formulated with enhanced bioavailability
  • GMP, NSF, and ISO 9000 certified
  • Made with vegan ingredients
  • Certified Kosher
  • NO GMOs,
  • NO wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, gelatin, tree nuts, silica, stearic acid, titanium dioxide, fillers or preservatives
  • NO natural or artificial flavors and colors