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Arthur Gazaryants, MOD, LAC

Arthur Gazaryants is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist, and practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He has been in private practice for over a decade, building multiple clinics in the greater Los Angeles area. He graduated summa cum laude from Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine in 2001 and has pursued continuing professional education and certifications in the fields of immune health, functional endocrinology, blood chemistry, neurotransmitters, and thyroid balance.

Pairing this research with his understanding of Asian traditions, exercise physiology, and muscular and joint health, Dr. Gazaryants has brought a wealth of holistic understanding to his practice. He has always examined the individual’s lifestyle and personal factors along with interactions between multiple body systems. His goal was to unwind the web of challenges that occur as a result of compromised communication between those systems. These ideas remain his core philosophy today.

In 2008, with the help of his colleague, Dr. Daniel Ghiyam, they solved this challenge by formulating their own multivitamin. Both practitioners shared frustration with “the multivitamin question.” Their patients wanted recommendations for a good multivitamin, but neither physician knew of a brand that they would take themselves—let alone recommend to anyone in their care. That frustration eventually led to brainstorming and formulating a custom multi-nutrient blend: PureVitaMD™.

Today, Dr. Gazaryants continues to practice in Calabasas and Lakewood; frequently lectures and teaches on natural health; and advises other practitioners on interpretation of biomarker test results. He personally takes PureVitaMD™ and recommends it as a wellness foundation for all his loved ones and patients.

Daniel Ghiyam, M.D.

Daniel Ghiyam is a board certified family medicine physician.  He has been practicing in the Greater Los Angeles area for over 16 years.  He was first drawn to emergency medicine after doing part of his training in one of the busiest ER’s in Cook County Chicago, where he thought he could affect the most change for the most people.  But during his training he realized that although he saw a wide variety of patients and disease processes, he didn’t get the satisfaction that comes with patient follow up and connecting with individuals.  Dissatisfied, he shifted to Family Medicine specialty and opened his own practice when he returned to California.

Here he got to invest in his patients and help them cultivate long-term wellness. He treats a wide range of patients with a variety of disease processes. He soon learned that Western Medicine didn’t have all the answers and from the start, he was open to integrative and alternative approaches. He welcomed chiropractors and acupuncturists to practice in his clinic and referred his patients for their services. Through those alternative health connections, he met Arthur Gazaryants, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who provided herbal and nutritional recommendations to his patients.

Dr. Ghiyam’s patients often asked him about vitamins, and he didn’t want to be the mainstream physician who broadly dismissed supplement usage. He began speaking with Dr. Gazaryants, especially regarding multivitamins. Those conversations eventually led to the creation of a custom multi-nutrient blend, PureVitaMD™.  Today, Dr. Ghiyam continues to practice family medicine in Simi Valley.  He uses PureVitaMD™ himself and recommends it as a wellness foundation for all his loved ones and patients.