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Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Use

Why do you recommend such a large dosage; do I really need to take 5 capsules a day?

The 5-capsule dosage is the recommended dosage for reliable benefit. Taking fewer may hinder long-term effects.

PureVitaMD™ multivitamin products are packed with almost 50 ingredients at effective dosage levels. This includes not only essential vitamins, but also amino acids, chelated minerals, high quality antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and research-backed herbs. If you were taking all these ingredients as separate individual supplement capsules, you’d be taking way more than 5 capsules per day—and you’d consume an excessive amount of fillers and flow agents in the process too. (ANCHOR LINK: to Question #12)

When we looked at manufacturing options, we knew it was possible to provide this high dosage in a larger tablet form—meaning fewer tablets, but bigger pill size. We and our patients agreed that it was better to take a few extra easy-to-swallow capsules than to take hard-to-swallow, bulky tablets. The capsule form is also the best for optimal digestion of all the ingredients.

Can I take all 6 capsules as one dose?

Yes, you may take all 6 capsules at one time with breakfast or lunch. We recommend taking them with a meal that contains fat for optimal absorption. It’s also important to note that the high B-vitamin content can cause wakefulness in some people if taken with an evening meal.

Can I take a PureVitaMD™ multivitamin if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

PureVitaMD™ multivitamin products are not formulated for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please speak with your primary healthcare provider about a more appropriate multivitamin for you.

Can children take PureVitaMD™ multivitamins?

No. PureVitaMD™ multivitamin products are formulated for adults age 18 and older. Please speak with your pediatrician about a more appropriate multivitamin for children under 18.

Can I take PureVitaMD™ multivitamins if I am taking other supplements or pharmaceuticals?

PureVitaMD™ multivitamin products are formulated to work well alongside conventional pharmaceutical medications, however always speak with your healthcare provider before changing or adding a supplement to your daily wellness protocol. Your practitioner can help you determine if you are possibly consuming too much of a certain nutrient, especially fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, or iron.

How do I order PureVitaMD™ products as a patient?

Right now PureVitaMD™ products are only available through practitioners. Patients can print a copy of the Physician’s Product Education PDF located on the Patient Page of the PureVitaMD website. Patients may bring this to their practitioners or email the PDF link to them. The PDF contains details on how practitioners can order the products. (LINK: Product Education PDF)

As a physician, how do I begin offering PureVitaMD™ products in my practice?

You can place an order directly through the PureVitaMD™ website shopping cart. You will be required to provide your physician’s license number during the purchase, as all direct sales are to healthcare professionals only. If you are a returning healthcare professional, then you may click on the “Physician Login” button to expedite your ordering process.

Is it okay for a man take the Women’s Formula? Is it okay for a woman take the Men’s Formula?

We know the conundrum. You just ran out, and you’re wondering if you can take a dose from your loved one’s bottle. For a day or two, it’s fine. But please don’t do this on a long-term basis. For men, you’d be consuming some extra nutrients that aren’t entirely appropriate for your body (such as soy extract and extra calcium). For women, you’ll be missing those nutrients that are essential for you, and you’d be consuming some that aren’t really needed (such as saw palmetto).

Product Quality

PureVitaMD™ products seem high-priced. Why?

PureVitaMD™ multivitamin products are packed with almost 50 ingredients at effective dosage levels. This includes not only essential vitamins, but also amino acids, chelated minerals, high quality antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and research-backed herbs. We use pharmacological dosing levels (translating into more significant health effects) instead of the standard dose levels used in other multi-nutrient products.*

If you purchased these as separate products, you’d easily spend hundreds of dollars per month. PureVitaMD™ is actually quite affordable when you realize you won’t be spending $10 to $20 each on dozens of individual products. Feel free to review our Cost Comparison charts to get an idea of the actual savings by taking PureVitaMD™. (LINK: Cost Comparison Page)

It’s also wise to note that multivitamin supplementation—with a high quality multivitamin—can save you money in the long run. Why spend thousands on healthcare office visits, especially if you have high deductible insurance, when you can simply care for your body and stay healthy? Combining daily multivitamin supplementation with good lifestyle habits is your best investment in long-term health.*

How can I be sure that your labels are accurate?

As doctors, we had the same concerns (LINK: ABOUT) about choosing a multivitamin when we set out to formulate PureVitaMD™ multivitamins. We created these products with our own families and patients in mind, so you can be sure that we take safety and quality seriously. Some of our standards and testing protocols include:

  • An independent third-party lab tests every raw ingredient shipment that goes into our products and every batch of finished product.
  • Our raw ingredients are from non-GMO sources.
  • Our manufacturing facilities are regularly inspected by both the FDA and third parties to ensure they meet federally-mandated GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.Additionally, as a California-produced product, we must comply with California’s Prop 65 regulatory limits—some of the strictest standards worldwide for endocrine-disrupting and cancer-causing environmental toxins. Even if we weren’t produced in California, we’d still hold ourselves to these standards because we believe they are the best way to ensure the safety and quality of our products.
How do I know that your supplement is really conveying the benefits that it claims to provide?

Multivitamins do not cause instantaneous effects; they work over time, with regular use. They’re not like fast-acting conventional treatments. That said, there are ways you can tell whether a multivitamin is actually going to convey solid, whole health benefits.

Begin by scanning the label and company website for three major factors:

  1. Does the product contain high-quality vitamin D3?  D3 is the more readily utilized form of this vitamin. A company who uses D2 is probably cutting cost and quality across the board.
  2. Does the company use chelated minerals? Non-chelated minerals in their cheapest forms are notoriously hard to digest. They don’t get absorbed into the body and tend to cause stomach/intestinal discomfort. A high quality product will prominently display that it contains chelated minerals.

Once you’ve determined that the product is high quality, the final test is to take it consistently for three to six months. In that span of time, you should experience tangible support for healthy energy levels and a healthy immune response. Those are primary effects that should be prominent in anyone who is regularly consuming a high quality multivitamin in conjunction with good lifestyle choices.*

You say that there aren’t any needless fillers in PureVitaMD™ products. What does that mean, and why is it important?

Most vitamin products contain a lot of “other ingredients” (such as magnesium stearate, silica dioxide, and titanium oxide) that are not useful nutrients.  Some of them can even cause imbalances when consumed regularly over time. And that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do with a multivitamin—take it consistently over time! We were really concerned about this issue when we formulated PureVitaMD™ products.

PureVitaMD™ multivitamins contain no fillers, binders, non-nutritive flow agents, GMOs, synthetic preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors. We even went out of our way to make sure the “other ingredients” are nutrients themselves. Read our label. You’ll notice none of the junk ingredients. Even our “flow agent” qualifies as a nutritional ingredient: shilajit, an adaptogenic multi-mineral.   (LINK: Shilajit PDF)

Our Other Ingredients:

  • Ascorbyl palmitate – An antioxidant, fat soluble, ester of vitamin C*
  • Inulin – A prebiotic FOS that can encourage probiotic balance in the gut*
  • MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) – Fatty acids usable as fuel in the body*
  • HPMC – Vegan cellulose capsule (soluble fiber, no gelatin)
Do your multivitamins contain any animal products?

No. Both PureVitaMD™ multivitamin products are made with vegan ingredients. The products are also Kosher.

Are there any allergens in your products?

Both PureVitaMD™ multivitamin products contain NO wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, or gelatin. Always consult your primary healthcare provider before starting a new supplement if you have any concerns about allergies.

Formulation & Wellness Philosophy

What does it mean when you say that PureVitaMD™ multivitamins are formulated for epigenetic support?

The emerging study of epigenetics is focused on how external environmental factors (such as diet, stress, chemical exposure, etc.) can affect the expression of genes. We’re learning that just because you have a genetic tendency, that gene might not be expressed depending on lifestyle factors, including nutrient intake. Nutritional factors can switch certain genes “on” or “off”.*

This is of crucial interest to anyone with cardiovascular, metabolic, and immune health goals, as well as goals related to cellular health, including healthy cellular apoptosis. All these health goals can be influenced by genetic factors. But epigenetics is teaching us that nutrition can affect DNA expression. Your genes are not necessarily your destiny!

We formulated PureVitaMD™ multivitamins with key antioxidants, botanical extracts, and chelated minerals that are vital to the body’s process for maintaining and expressing genetic code in a healthy manner. Our formulas are focused on cardio, metabolic, immune, and cellular health goals.*

Why is it so important to take chelated minerals?

Minerals in their most basic forms are as digestible as ground up rock! In nature, plants are able to absorb and use these mineral forms, but humans aren’t able to do that efficiently. We get our minerals from plant material—where the plant itself has altered the mineral into a “chelated” form.

In its simplest definition, to “chelate” is to “firmly attach”. A chelated mineral is attached to an amino acid or other organic compound. In this complex molecular structure, the mineral is digested more slowly, and it is less likely to be flushed out through the digestive tract. Thorough digestion translates into actual uptake and use throughout the body.*

PureVitaMD™ Stands Alone

  • Physician formulated with enhanced bioavailability
  • 100% pharmaceutical grade
  • Certified vegan
  • Certified KSA Kosher
  • NO fillers, GMOs, gluten, dairy, shellfish, or gelatin

You’ll know when you’re taking PureVitaMD™ Multivitamins. Discover what PureVitaMD™ products have done for people with similar health goals.