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How it all began…

In 2008, Dr. Daniel Ghiyam had been in Family Practice for seven years. He was baffled that many patients said they were taking a multivitamin, and yet their vitamin D levels and other key nutrient levels appeared to be compromised. Why weren’t the multivitamins working? Many of the products were from big name, trusted brands.

It was time for some serious research.

Dr. Ghiyam reviewed ingredient labels and began looking at more than just nutrient names and dosage levels. He learned about ingredient quality, how most supplement companies use the cheapest options that also happen to be the most poorly digested. At worst they cause digestive discomfort. At best, they do nothing—they pass through the body unabsorbed. That was why his patients’ blood work seemed to indicate they weren’t supplementing at all.

“I knew I couldn’t recommend all those brands that I wouldn’t take myself,” Dr. Ghiyam said.

He contacted his friend Arthur Gazaryants, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and herbalist in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Gazaryants assured him that he had the same challenge in his practice. He found some brands that provided high quality individual nutrients. But this resulted in recommending a dozen or more individual supplements for one patient. It was ridiculous—no one would take that many vitamin capsules each day.

In 2009, the two began a truly integrative collaboration to develop a solution.

“We drew from the best of both worlds,” said Dr. Ghiyam. “Both conventional family practice and Eastern herbal traditions.” The goal was to craft men’s and women’s formulas that utilized only health-changing ingredients. They wanted these supplements to perceptibly affect how their patients felt on a daily basis.

Chelated minerals were key. So were high-bioavailability vitamins. Certain herbals should also be included for health goals specific to men’s and women’s health. There shouldn’t be any needless binders and fillers. Everything in the formula needed to contribute to health. Period.

It took the doctors six years to formulate the products and find a manufacturer willing to work with such high quality ingredients and such health-changing dosage levels. That’s how unusual it is to find a product of this caliber.

Today, Drs. Ghiyam and Gazaryants recommend their multivitamin as the foundation for all of their patients. For immune, cardio, and cognitive wellness, this is the base formula. It’s also optimal for those with cellular health and epigenetic goals. Every patient in their practice starts with PureVitaMD™ and builds their health program from there.*

Finally these ground-breaking supplements are available through other integrative health clinics and doctor’s offices nationwide. Discover PureVitaMD™ for yourself!

Daniel Ghiyam, M.D.

Arthur Gazaryants, D.O.M.